Our 18″ active, sealed sub is both smart, powerful and precise. The dual output 3200W amplifier allows for easily adding another passive Sub 18 at a combined, highly affordable solution. 


This sealed, high powered sub will provide both excessive levels of SPL in combination with quick and precise response. The extra amp channel is perfect for powering another, passive Sub 18.

– Bjørn Erik Forberg, Chief Designer

Our 18″ active model is supplied with a dual output professional grade 3200W amplifier, allowing for easily adding another passive sub 18 with each active sub. Cable management for power, signal and daisy chaining another passive sub is easy as there are cable channels on three locations (bottom and both sides).

Our active sub 18 is built in a very strong 25mm birch plywood material, providing it with the rigidness required for even the most demanding applications.

Both sides also has passages, allowing for cables to be easily, hidden and elegantly run over to the next sub.

The sub is also supplied with a neat, magnetic front cover, allowing it to also be placed free standing if not installed in a front baffle wall. The sub includes removable feet, as well as a cable management hole also at the bottom, allowing for hiding the power and signal cable.

The removable rubber feet provides decoupling as well as spacing for hidden cables run underneath the sub.


Speaker type Sealed 18" sub designed by Hamrammr
Amplifier 3200W @ 4Ohms
Driver size 18"
SPL 120dB peak in-room
Power handling RMS / MAX 1000W / 2000W
Xmax 22mm
Magnet Ferrite
Voice coil diameter 3"
Impedance 4Ω (Dual coil 2Ohm)
Frequency response 14Hz - 200Hz (-3 dB) / 11Hz - 200Hz typical in-room 
Dimensions / weight 111cm (H) x 55,7cm (W) x 35cm (D) / 65 kilos
Cabinet construction 25mm birch plywood & tour-grade textured finish
Application Baffle wall or free standing subwoofer
Included accessories 3m powercon cable (220V) 



Hamrammr Sealed Sub 15 in blue, Sealed Sub 18 in red. In-room response is typically 3Hz lower. Please disregard SPL, this is only the level chosen for the measurement, not the maximum obtainable SPL by the subwoofer.