“Creature that can take on another
(supernatural) form and go berserk.”


Hamrammr has been well received within both enthusiast circles as well as mainstream AV magazines. Both Lyd & Bilde, the largest AV magazine in Norway, and Stereo+, a more hi-fi-oriented magazine, have awarded full score! Most importantly, however, the positive feedback from amazed customers keeps pouring in!

Customer reviews

Kjetil Moen, 10.12.2021

I´ve had Hamrammr installed for a while now and I am very pleased. Previously I used Arendal speakers, and switching to the Hamrammrs was a big upgrade! Highly recommended.

Rudi Placht, 19.01.2022

I have more or less lived in the new cinema since it was finished. Completely magical. My brother works as a sound technician and he was completely flabbergasted!

Petter Liøkel, 22.04.2022

I purchased Hamrammr 8_2 as LCR, Immersive 8 as surround and Atmos and the pair of sealed activate and passive Sub 15 subs. Now we´re talking Cinema at Home! The Atmos “bubble” is finally there and the details produced is fantastic.

Roger Grude, 26.04.2022

Finally a speaker I always longed for, but has not been available unless you would do some form of DIY. We´re talking genuine cinematic audio at what I would consider an affordable price. I have had a lot of different speaker setups in my cinema, but Hamrammr just delivers amazing dynamics and power!

Hamrammr won the Best of the Year Award in the Nordic Lyd & Bilde Magazine

You can read this test in its entirety by following this link >>
You can read this test in its entirety by following this link >>