AVshop – Norway – Showroom

Located in the middle of old Viking territory in Oslo, AVshop has a showroom featuring several custom made demonstration rooms to allow you to really understand what all the fuss is about.

The main reference room is equipped with some of the finest audio and video available in the market. Some of the key components are:

15 Hamrammr Immersive 12 speakers
4 Hamrammr 15 Sealed Sub Active
4 Hamrammr 15 Sealed Sub Passive
Storm Audio ISP32 Immersive Audio Processor
Storm Audio 16ch 250W per channel Amplifier
Sony VPL-GTZ380 10.000 lumen laser projector
DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 in a 2-way motorised masking 200″ / 4,7m wide screen

The room utilises a SBA (Single Bass Array) principle, meaning that the entire back wall is filled with 60cm deep insulation to kill as much of the reflection deep down in frequency as possible before it bounces back to the listener. The eight subs are evenly placed over the entire front wall. The result is an amazingly stabile frequency response down to the lowest octaves. To liven up the acoustics, the entire ceiling is covered with diffusors, and everything, both speakers and acoustics, is covered by DreamScreens new acoustically transparent ultra black velvet.

The layout of the speaker system is 9.1.6 Atmos, meaning we use a 7-channel base layer plus width channels on each side of the screen. The ceiling is equipped by 6 speakers in total. All speakers except for the widths are hidden.

The room is noise proofed using the DreamScreen ProSilence system that not only takes care of noise proofing, but also improves in-room bass response and overall audio quality as each surface is individually decoupled, emitting no rattle or noise whatsoever.

All photos are taken by enthusiast and professional photographer Atle Kildahl Torp.


-This demo will truly awaken your ancient senses-

The Rock – Sweden – Custom showcase

Certainly Viking territory as well, Hamrammr has a solid presence also in Sweden!

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