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“Creature that can take on another
(supernatural) form and go berserk.”


Hamrammr is all about immersion, temporarily transforming your perception of presence from what often can be a dull every day life to that of magic, adventure and epic storytelling.

Our sturdy, Nordic quality and a down-to-earth design with simple, yet surprisingly compact lines, integrate efficiently with your cinematic installation.

All the speakers are designed and assembled in Norway, while also vital components, including the custom designed coax drivers are built within the borders of the European Union; well within the reach of the Vikings of old.

Our focus on the true immersive experience makes out the basis of our design. Our coax based drivers inherits a point source principle, emitting both lower and higher frequencies from the same point of origin. Combined with wide dispersion customised to hit the audience full frequency and the power of a professional grade compression driver to secure those critical high notes emitting crystal clear at just about any SPL, a true cinematic experience is finally within your grasp.

Professional drivers are not only suited for PA, home cinema can benefit just as much from the power, stability and attractive cost these types of drivers supply.

Bjørn Erik Forberg, Chief Designer of the Hamrammr line of speakers

Bjørn Erik Forberg aka BEF, is a well known figure within the AV community in Norway. He has spent numerous years designing home cinemas, speakers and systems, and has also been the Chief Designer of the Hamrammr series of speakers.

Located in Oslo, Norway, our showroom now features two full and always running systems. We emphasise immersive audio, whereas our demonstration system features a 9.x.6 ATMOS layout based on our 12″ LCR coax speakers and a number of 15″ subs. We also showcase a smaller setup using our 8″ speakers as both LCRs and surrounds.

Bjørn Erik Forberg, our Chief Designer, is giving an interview with the Norwegian publication Stereo+ (in Norwegian).

Our address is Smalvollveien 61, Oslo. You can also reach ut at +4722641060 or info@hamrammr.com.
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